Antonio Sema Piran is a secondary school with Italian language of instruction, based on the general secondary school programme. The school was founded in 1945 in Piran and has since then it enrolled students continuously. Grammar school Antonio Sema is the only Italian high school in the bilingual area of the municipality of Piran and provides secondary education to students predominately from Italian minority elementary schools. As such the school is of a high importance for Italian minority in bilingual area of Piran.

The advantages of our school are related to its characteristics. A relatively small number of pupils allows individualization of lessons and improved personal relations. It is mainly here, that we see an opportunity to further improve the quality of our teaching and thus the overall achievement of our students. The results of quality teaching can be in turn observed in high transitions between years and in above average grades at Matura exam (A-levels), however, these are not the only measure of our success. A lot of stress is put on our students’ personal growth, their general knowledge, and we are also interested in their success in further education and life. Our teaching staff and management shares a commitment to create optimal conditions for student learning, development, and academic success.

Another great strength of our school is the opportunity for the students to come into contact with two cultures, Italian and Slovenian. The Italian language is the students’ mother tongue while the Slovenian language is the language of the environment. It is precisely this constant exposure to multi-lingual culture which makes our students more aware; they are better prepared for a successful life in a multicultural society where different cultures intertwine and co-shape the life of a community. On these advantages we continue to further develop our institution.

Our vision is that in four years of schooling at Antonio Sema a high school student develops himself into a full-grown personality, adopts knowledge and skills in accordance with the goals of the general secondary school education program, and acquires broad general knowledge that will enable him to thrive and further develop in the community. 

Our vision can be achieved only in an environment where learning is a value and where teaching staff, students and parents try to create and nurture good relationships which enable all parties to work together in order to achieve set goals.

In Ginnasio Sema we dedicated towards constantly improving our teaching practices, we encourage cross-curricular learning and connection with broader learning environment, offer a thoughtful selection and implementation of optional contents, and counsel on professional training of our employees.

We try to help each student discover and develop his or her talents. We, therefore, insist towards maximizing the individual approach towards instruction: we offer a large selection of foreign languages, artistic optional content, additional contents in scientific subjects, and an array of Matura exam non-compulsory subject courses.